My photography exhibition "Transcend-Dance: PNW Cultural Photography" is available for viewing in downtown Burien until the end of August, 2020. This exhibition, presented in 9 storefront windows and viewable from the sidewalk (Open-air! Socially distant!) was produced to depict the transcendance achieved through dance by many of the cultures that call the Pacific Northwest home. The exhibit is located just across the street from City Hall and the King County Library Burien branch, on the ground floor of Merrill Gardens - 15020 5th Ave SW in Burien.

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Work in Progress:   Work from my long-term documentary project: "The Barbers of Seattle" has now been uploaded to the site!  Stay tuned for more developments, additions and refinements!

Cityof Kent Exhibition

Kent Centennial Center Gallery:
A Colorful Photographic Collaboration
Between Phil Eidenberg-Noppe and Tara McDermott

CONTACT: Ronda Billerbeck, City of Kent, Cultural Programs Manager 253-856-5055

Kent Centennial Center Gallery:
A Colorful Photographic Collaboration Between Phil Eidenbery-Noppe and Tara McDermott KENT, Wash. — January 17, 2020

Two Seattle area photographers, exhibiting together at the Kent Arts Commission’s Centennial Center Gallery at the City of Kent for January and February, have constructed a ‘must-see’ collaborative work which meshes their unique visions into a cohesive and eye-catching display. During meetings to discuss the exhibition, both photographic artists quickly saw the potential to collaborate. Each had a series of vibrant and abstracted photos based on flowers and botanical elements. Alternating blocks of 12 x 12” prints, they arranged them into a checkerboard pattern, which resulted in a quilt-like installation, but one made completely out of photographs. The final 3’ x 8’ result is a guaranteed antidote to the grey Pacific Northwest weather.

Tara McDermott’s “Imagined Places” images were created using a vintage Hasselblad camera. With an average of 3 sets of film montaged together, each image was scanned and digitally processed to create a more painterly, otherworldly, and ethereal result. A swirling moiré effect called “Newton Rings”, an artifact of the scanning process, is integral to the series, which increases the feeling of mystery in her images.

Phil Eidenberg-Noppe’s “Skagit Palette: Color + Motion” series is a result of breaking the “rules of photography” related to focus, camera stability and post-processing. His method of moving the camera while taking photos of the tulip fields and his digital post processing techniques result in a vibrant body of abstract work. The images are reminiscent of the “color field” paintings produced in New York City during the 1940s and 1950s.

The two photographers found the final result wildly exceeded their expectations. Eidenberg-Noppe’s hyper-bright swaths of colors play against McDermott’s images with their intricate and layered edgework and softer pastel palette to create a sum greater than their individual parts. The colors hum instead of clash, and the horizontal movement of the tulip field images against the vertical elements of botanical details create a crazy-quilt effect that is a sight to see!

Centennial Gallery shows are produced by the City of Kent Arts Commission.

For more information, visit

Exhibit Dates: January 9 – February 28, 2020 City of Kent Centennial Center: 400 W Gowe St., Kent, WA 98032

Photos purchased by Facebook for corporate offices in Redmond, Washington

Several of my photographs from the "Transcend-Dance" series and the "Skagit Palette: Color + Motion" series were purchased by Facebook for their offices in Redmond. A shout out to "The Color Group" in the "Sodo" neighborhood of Seattle for an excellent job printing and face-mounting the images to acrylic on a short time frame.

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Shunpike "Storefronts" Window Exhibition in South Lake Union, Seattle Neighborhood

I currently have an exhibit on display as part of the Shunpike "Storefronts" program. The exhibit is in a "storefront window" just off the corner of John Street and Boren Ave in South Lake Union and includes 24 photos from my "Transcend-Dance" series. There will be an artwalk of all of the storefronts on December 4 starting at 6:00 P.M. at my window - hope to see you there! The exhibit is up until January 6, 2020.

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Upcoming City of Kent, Washington Exhibition

I will have a shared exhibit with Seattle photographer Tara McDermott at the Kent Arts Commission's Centennial Center Gallery from January 9, 2020 to February 28, 2020. The exhibit will include a selection of images from the "Skagit Palette: Color + Motion" series, the body of work now consisting of 120 images. Stay tuned for the opening!

Now on view at the Hispanic Branch of the Miami-Dade Public Library, Miami, FLA: "The Barbers of Miami and Havana - Relations Not Cut"

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Review of July, 2018 Exhibit at Gallery 110 by Michael Upchurch at - Seattle's online news and culture periodical:

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