Phil Eidenberg-Noppe, originally from New York City, is a Seattle-based photographer specializing in cultural documentary and abstract “impressionist” photography. A seeker by nature, he thrives on in-depth investigation and strives to convey the details and nuance of what is going on below the surface, always looking for new insights. A lifelong photographer, he received a certificate in Photography at the University of Washington.

Using a camera capable of producing images with vast amounts of visual information, he further explores images during the “digital darkroom” phase, bringing out the visual aspects that best depict the feeling and intention behind the project. He produces all of his own prints on an archival pigment printer and enjoys sharing his creativity with a range of audiences. He has exhibited his work in a wide range of galleries and fine art shows throughout Western Washington State. His work is held in the public Art Collections of The University of Washington, King County, the City of Kent, Washington and the corporate collection of Facebook.

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