Phil's Statement:

I am an outsider at the powwow.

I am moved to tears.

This is what I witness: age-old traditions, living vibrant culture, circles within circles within circles – powwow arena inside multiple drumming circles, inside a circle of food and commerce, inside a circle of shelters; a gifting ceremony aimed at children and families, multiple rituals honoring the United States and war veterans, a focus on sobriety, dance movements rich with meaning, regalia with significance, creativity and color; the visceral combination of powwow song and drumming, a spirit of openness and welcoming, respect for elders, humor running through the commentary of the powwow officiant, friendly competition, a series of dances for different groupings of people from elders to tiny tots, jingle dressers to grass dancers; connections to places and people.

A sense of timelessness.


Native pride.

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